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At EmbracedMovement.org we know that you want to make a difference in the lives of children in need, so we would like to tell you about an epidemic that you might not be aware of – a disorder that is affecting millions of families.

It’s called Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Children who are affected by alcohol while in utero suffer from a permanent brain injury that manifest in behavioral concerns, learning issues, and social skills. The affects are often invisible, making the task to identify the disability difficult — many people don’t know how to recognize or manage this disorder. Without identification or help people with FASD needlessly struggle in school, have difficulty hold jobs, and sadly can often land in the criminal justice system (50% of our prison populations for both men and women are reported to have FASD).

 FASD affects more people than the world is aware of. A family you know may even be dealing with this disorder. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is a national epidemic and children born with FASD deserve an opportunity to lead successful and productive lives.

 At EmbracedMovement.org, we understand what it’s like to be parents struggling to navigate the chaos and spend the emotional energy on a daily basis to manage this disorder. We adopted our son at birth, knowing the birth-mom drank during pregnancy, but it took us 14 years to get to the bottom of his disruptive behaviors. Our son presences himself well in public, he has no physical manifestations of a disability, and we knew almost nothing of FASD or the serious implications related to this disorder, so it went undiagnosed. We believe we are not the only people to experience the hidden concerns of FASD.

After our son’s diagnosis, our eyes were opened to urgency and compassion to change the conversation about FASD. FASD is the number one birth defect in North America (conservatively between 2% to 5% of our population), yet most people know very little about just how large of an issue FASD is or how it is effecting our communities.

Embraced is a compelling story that is the catalyst for change, but we need your help to move Embraced into a national spotlight.

Our goal is create a film that will bring meaningful conversation and much needed understanding to this issue.

To tell this critical story, we are asking for you to make financial contribution today.

To thank you, we will add your name to the film’s credits.

Let’s help stop kids from being born with brain injuries and prevent children growing up as a statistic in the criminal justice system.

We would be honored if you contributed to this vision.

Thank you, Joel Sheagren, Director & Producer, Beth Pacunas, Writer, and Jodee Kulp, FASD consultant. 

Excerpts from a Criminal Justice story

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