understanding FASD

A project In Development

FASD is the acyromin for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. FASD is American's number one birth defect — It is conservatively estimated that 5% of our population may have this condition and few seem to know much about it. (See facts below.)

The film’s story arc spans family, education, and the criminal justice system, mixed with controversy and brain science, and then will wrap-up with hope (brain-based approaches, new technology in aiding treatment, success stories, etc.) The project addresses the stigma, skepticism, and inequity of mental health — encompassing a 90-minute documentary, accompanied by a prerecorded discussion panel, a marketing plan to spark a national conversation, a film release in 25 theaters as community events, and two, 20-minute educational segments to support to the FASD community long-term.

Joel Sheagren, Director & Executive Producer

Beth Pacunas, Writer 

Excerpts from a Criminal Justice story

A Few Quick Facts: