A Good Name: The Summit  Teaches urban youth to become men in partnership with law enforcement through the principles of Leadership, Character, Integrity, Service, and Responsibility. The weekend starts at a NFL facility for a few hours and then they are bussed to a camp nestled in the mountains of Pennsylvania where the balance of the weekend is spent developing relationships, team building, and learning life skills. To learn more visit: agoodnamewins.org

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Winter Playground

CRACKED ICE Film Trailer

Cracked Ice ran on the hulu network and is now available On Demand at: http://bit.ly/2EtIrFw 

You can also visit www.crackedicefilm.com to learn more!

Keep Hope Alive (Music Video)

A Good Name

Mcdavid re-brand video

Not for sale (anti-trafficing promo)

mcdavid basketball interviews

Hope and resq awareness

My medica promo