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Joel Sheagren Photography, Inc. [ejoel.com] is now Sam In A Can [Productions]

JOEL SHEAGREn: President

Hi, I’m Joel Sheagren and I love the creative process – from concept to completion.

After decades of traveling to locations around the world, producing projects and capturing images, there is still that spark, that magic if you will, for creating visual content. With this experience and passion, I’ll bring to the table ways to stretch budgets, provide wisdom and creative insights that’s hard to find just anywhere.

For years,  I have operated as Joel Sheagren Photography, Inc. with a small staff and have been recognized internationally by the advertising industry both in print and motion – CLIO, Communication Arts, Archive, The Show and many others.

Now, you will now get to know the business as SAM IN A CAN [Productions]

  • Different name
  • Same passion for projects, but broader in scope with a Transmedia Story-telling focus 
  • Projects built on a lifetime of creativity

So, you ask why the name change? There are two reasons:

1) I wanted a new name to reflect the ever-increasing transmedia and film projects that I have been producing. For several years I have been creating motion assets at the same time as print assets for projects. Clients are asking for more ways to help them tell more integrated brand stories. The time was right to change the name and match this new business model.

2) The name reflects my desire for making a difference in the world. A long time ago there was a Hebrew prophet named Samuel who brought value to the world. SAM IN A CAN [Productions] seemed like a fun, natural and creative way to express my desire to bring value to society through media productions.

Additional note: To go hand-in-hand with the desire to make a difference, my wife and I started a nonprofit called Hope & Rescue Foundation that is addressing human trafficking. I am applying my media production background to bring awareness and prevention of this global pandemic. Specifically focused on creating Public Awareness Campaigns, working with youth, those that work with youth and men.

the clients

The contact Info

SAM IN A CAN PRODUCTIONS  P.O. Box 48913  Minneapolis, MN 55448  Phone - 612.710.2920

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