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cracked Ice film documentary

Imagine the sun as it rises to an icy dawn, spreading a cold blue haze over the placid expanse of open water. Peaceful. Tranquil. Like a bit of heaven. Except that this is January. And the water is frozen solid.

There is something about a frozen lake in the dead of winter that births a different kind of craziness. Ice racing is one of the craziest. Every year a band of courageous motor-heads descends on these frozen lakes to pit man-kind against nature. High-powered car against car. Frostbitten driver against driver. And everyone against the cold.

CRACKED ICE tells the story of these hardy racers. Their passion. Their rivalries. Their ingenuity. Their machines. Their unique culture. Told from many perspectives, CRACKED ICE reveals the beginning of this sport, how it has evolved and what it brings to the variegated winter culture of Ice Racing.

One Minute SIZZLE

Ariel views of ice racing provided by Fresh Sights.


One Minute Montage

Collection of ice racing footage during production.