The heart responds to stories and media drives culture,

 Sam In A Can [Productions] connects the two!

Multi-Purpose Projects

- Motion + Stills -

Combining both still photography and video production under one umbrella during a single project, SIAC provides a cost effective strategy to tell the client's brand story. SIAC does this extremely well as displayed in the MCDAVID case study below. 


-- Print Campaign, Catalog Images, Brand Video, Athlete Interviews and more --

“My agency was taking our client, MCDAVID, through the process of rebranding and Joel showed us how to add video into the project without losing quality or quantity. I've worked with Joel in the past so I knew his style would be perfect in capturing the spirit, intensity and actions of a wide variety of sports. In building MCDAVID's library of brand photography, I knew Joel would be easy to work with, his production experience was rock-solid and that he would do everything it took to get THE SHOT (you know he got the shot when he yells out his awesome "Woo-whooo!!"). 

THE AGENCY AND THE CLIENT COULDN'T BE HAPPIER.” Derek Sussner of Sussner Design Company


  • CRACKED ICE , Tells the story of winter ice racing, the hardy drivers, their passions, their crazy sport, and of how Minnesota's frozen lakes became the background of transformation from an earlier life of trouble for Pete Tavernier, the racing club's president. CRACKED ICE has secured an agent who is selling the film as TV content – globally. Other products and aspects of the story are in development (see list below).  You can also visit:

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transmedia stories

Using the background of twenty plus years of media production experience, SAM IN A CAN (SIAC) helps clients develop broader stories in which client's brands takes a lead role. SIAC helps clients strategically think through how advertising budgets can reach greater audiences by leveraging a story in multiple ways. Applications include, documentaries, short stories for social media, coffee table books, cause-marketing all integrated with print and television advertisements, to name a few. SIAC is interested in partnering with clients from Concept to Completion to produce inspiring content to be used across more than one targeted communication channel.

Projects in Development

Embraced uderstanding FASD

  • FASD is the number one birth defect in many countries, including the USA. It is 5% of our population or approx. 16-million people ( that the general public knows very little about.
  • It is (usually) an invisible brain injury with behavioral symptoms, which are often misunderstood; misdiagnosed and/or under-diagnosed that leads to unnecessary frustration in families, classrooms, communities, and the criminal justice system.
  • 50% of the prison population — both men and women — have FASD. They are highly vulnerable (especially related to human-trafficking) and struggle to understand how their behaviors are linked to consequences and rarely, if ever learn from being punished.
  • There are 40 years of settled science that alcohol use during pregnancy can cause FASD, yet little has been done to raise awareness about it on a national scale.

The film’s story arc spans family, education, and the criminal justice system, mixed with controversy and the brain science and then exists on hope. The project will address the stigma, skepticism, and inequity of mental health—encompassing a 90-minute documentary, accompanied by a prerecorded discussion panel, a marketing plan to spark a national conversation, a film release in 25 theaters as community events, and two, 20-minute educational segments to support to the FASD community long-term.

Transformation On Ice is a 90-minute docudrama. Transformation On Ice, picks up where CRACKED ICE left off in telling the rest of Pete Tavernier's story. This film is being produced as an event film to bring hope to families struggling with kids who have taken a wrong turn in life. Pete got in series trouble with the law right after high school. He has since turned his life around -- restored to his parents, high school friends, is happily married with three beautiful children, ran an successful automotive shop and now is moving to Haiti to teach kids industrial trade skills. 90% of the interviews are complete. 

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